Why choose new construction projects?

As you can see, we focus entirely on new construction projects on this website, even though we are just as good your partner for all existing homes in Andalusia. Why then do we promote the new construction projects?

The answer is simple! Security for our customers at the best price!

  • A new construction project always meets the full dream wish of our customers, both when purchasing and later when staying in Spain.
  • Choose from so many options in terms of location, view, comfort, surface, structure, finish.
  • The legal guarantee on the new building and all accessories.
  • No surprises that can suddenly dent your dreams. It really isn’t the first time a lawyer has discovered that an existing ‘dream property’ would turn out to be a nightmare rather than a dream. A new construction project, on the other hand, is and will always remain a dream. But good guidance and a lawyer are still necessary in this regard to keep up the pressure on the project developer so that all promises are kept. Your dream is our dream and that’s what we stand for!
  • The social aspect in these new construction projects is enormous. Remember that building a new social life in Spain is very important. Our new construction projects all have a swimming pool and common areas that make socializing very easy.
  • Buying new is a completely different feeling than buying an existing home. The new-build home is completely and ONLY yours!
  • The price of a new-build apartment/home is in most cases even CHEAPER than a (young) existing home. How often have we seen that apartments/homes of 2 -6 years old are sold at a higher price than even better finished and better located new apartments/homes for sale. Sometimes we just see crazy things. Often buyers are misinformed and think that new construction is too expensive. However, the opposite is true on the Costa del Sol! Buying new is buying your real dream!

For all your questions contact us:
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This is only a limited selection of what we have to offer you in new-build. Also for other properties for sale on the Costa del Sol and Andalucia we are your partner! Contact us for a more extensive selection tailored to your needs.