Important to know

The Spanish real estate world works differently than in other countries.

Owners/project developers are free to advertise their property with an unlimited number of real estate agents. This allows you to find the same home at different offices. The broker who first registers the customer with the seller makes the sale.

Moreover, the task of a notary is not like it is in Belgium and the Netherlands. A notary makes the sale official, but does not investigate and about the sale/purchase. For this you call on a lawyer who checks your purchase and defends your interests. The right choice of a good (preferably a local) lawyer is therefore of great importance.

That is why it is of the utmost importance to work with a real estate agency that has all the right contacts and with which you can make your dream come true in complete confidence. The full package up to and including a perfect after-service is rarely offered. Sales is usually central and once sold, you as a customer are left to your own devices. But that’s when it really starts!

Would you like to be helped by us for all the properties you have found online? Which can! However, it is important that you do not respond to advertisements of houses or send emails to the relevant brokers, because the broker who first registers you for a property is also the one who may close the sale when you decide.

So choose your broker first. He is the one who knows the language, the customs, the legislation and has the contacts to avoid difficulties and to keep everything running smoothly.

You can always contact us for all your questions and comments. We register with the relevant owners/project developers and then draw up a complete, personalized planning for you. We coordinate your visits and take you directly to the source. Whatever your choice (even if it is not on our website – and whether it is a new or used property), we always find the direct way to the owner/seller.

This way you only have one contact person who will find out everything for you and work it out down to the last detail. This will make your process much easier and smoother.

For all your questions contact us:
NewHappinessinSpain – tel +32 475 864 707 –

What does New Happiness in Spain do for you?

We bring you directly to the project developer without additional intermediaries and this guarantees the lowest price guarantee!
We are the missing link in your purchase process and are there for you to avoid difficulties.
We ensure that the right people cross your path and help you with the actual installation of your home: a specialized lawyer, the best bank relations for your cheapest loan, a gestor, people for the maintenance of your home, garden, swimming pool, etc.
We have gone through the entire process ourselves and have subsequently helped hundreds of buyers with their search in the field with this experience.
We use our acquired knowledge to help you make your dreams come true in a smooth and carefree way.

At New Happiness in Spain you choose:

• Years of experience with real estate on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Tropical

• One point of contact throughout the entire process without further intermediaries

• Access to the largest new build offer in the Costa del Sol/Costa Tropical

• Intensive guidance in your own language, from your first search on the internet

• Efficiently mapped out viewings, taking into account your wishes

• Administrative processing from A to Z, because correct paperwork is a top priority for us

• Comprehensive after-sales service is our highest goal! It only really starts when the deed of sale is signed


This is only a limited selection of what we have to offer you in new-build. Also for other properties for sale on the Costa del Sol and Andalucia we are your partner! Contact us for a more extensive selection tailored to your needs.