The purchasing process from A to Z

Step 1: Determine your housing needs and budget

  • Are you looking for a property near the coast, more inland or in a village?
  • Are you looking for an investment property, a holiday home or a permanent residence?
  • What type of home are you looking for? An apartment, a detached villa, a village house, a house in an urbanization or a B&B?
  • Do you want a new construction project or an existing property?
  • What budget do you want to spend ? You should take into account the following purchase costs: for existing homes approx. 11% of the purchase price (transfer tax, notary and lawyer fees and registration costs). Purchase costs are approximately 2 to 3% higher for new construction projects.

Step 2: Search and select properties

  • On our website you can find a limited selection of available new-build apartments from our own portfolio.
  • However, we have access to a complete range of real estate (new and existing homes) through a network of reliable partners.
  • Do you have specific wishes? We will search for properties that meet your criteria.
  • The more information we get about your wishes, the more targeted we can search.
  • At New Happiness in Spain you have one contact person who advises and guides you in the search, purchase and follow-up of your real estate on the Costa del Sol.

Step 3 : Schedule a visit

  • Based on your wishes, we will together make a very careful selection of properties that qualify. This selection is important before setting off. If you do not do this, you will no longer see the wood for the trees and the project will require a lot of (lost) time and energy. After making this selection, we plan your viewings in which we guide you from A to Z.
  • We arrange everything in advance so that the time can be used to the maximum for the search for your dream home.
  • In this way you can see the selected properties on site, soak up the local atmosphere and get to know the region better. All these criteria are also important in your purchase.

Step 4: Congratulations! The purchase is finalized – Your reservation contract

  • Your favorite property has been found and there is a price agreement with the seller.
  • Since homes can be for sale with different brokers, the first step is to reserve the property so that it is taken off the market.
  • 5000 € will be deposited into our customer account to reserve the property and give the lawyer 3 to 4 weeks to check the legal situation.
  • A notary has a different role in Spain than in other countries, he only signs the deed after a cursory review of the documents, he has no obligation to investigate.
  • A lawyer is necessary to find out whether the paperwork of the house is in order and whether there are no more debts on the property. We strongly recommend that you get a lawyer, he is extremely important. Here too we can help you with the right man in the right place.
  • The lawyer also provides the NIE number (tax identification number) and opens a Spanish bank account in your name, these are necessary to be able to purchase a property in Spain. He also ensures that water and electricity are put in your name and can also arrange the insurance of the home.
  • You can give your lawyer a power of attorney for all steps of the purchase process so that you do not have to do all the administrative work yourself and do not have to come to Spain every time to sign documents. That way everything runs smoother. You can give a power of attorney when you are in Spain or it is also possible from your home country (this is a lot more expensive and complex but it is possible).
  • If the lawyer approves the legal documents after his investigation, the private purchase contract can be concluded. If the lawyer rejects the purchase, you will receive a full refund of your reservation costs.

Step 5: Private purchase contract

  • About 3 weeks after the reservation contract, when the lawyer has completed his examination of all legal documents and he is convinced that everything is correct, a sales contract will be drawn up.
  • Currently 10% of the purchase price is paid, less the 5000 € previously paid to reserve the property.
  • If you should cancel the purchase at this stage, the 10% of the purchase price already paid will not be refunded.
  • If the seller decides not to proceed with the sale, the 10% of the purchase price that you have already paid will be refunded to your account + an additional 10% of the purchase price as compensation.

Step 6: Describe at the notary (Escritura)

  • The notarial deed is signed at the notary’s office within 3 months after the reservation.
  • You pay the outstanding amount of the purchase price at the notary.
  • Then the title deed (escritura) is signed by you, the seller and the notary and you receive the keys to the house.
  • If you cannot be present, the lawyer who has given you a power of attorney will sign for you.
  • Later, when you are in Spain, you can collect the escritura and the keys at his office.

Step 7: After Sales Service

  • At New Happiness in Spain, the follow-up and support after the purchase and until your move is just as important as the sale!
  • We have specialists in every field and from the moment the purchase has been made, they are happy to help you wherever you want.
  • We offer you a total package, whereby we act as an intermediary and put you in touch with the right people: contractors for small or large renovation works, maintenance of your house, garden and swimming pool, a gestor (he is the link between you and various Spanish authorities) etc.
  • If desired, we can even help you coordinate your removal van.
  • You can contact us for all your questions and doubts, we are happy to help you.

For all your questions contact us:
NewHappinessinSpain – tel +32 475 864 707 –

What does New Happiness in Spain do for you?

We bring you directly to the project developer without additional intermediaries and this guarantees the lowest price guarantee!
We are the missing link in your purchase process and are there for you to avoid difficulties.
We ensure that the right people cross your path and help you with the actual installation of your home: a specialized lawyer, the best bank relations for your cheapest loan, a gestor, people for the maintenance of your home, garden, swimming pool, etc.
We have gone through the entire process ourselves and have subsequently helped hundreds of buyers with their search in the field with this experience.
We use our acquired knowledge to help you make your dreams come true in a smooth and carefree way.

At New Happiness in Spain you choose:

• Years of experience with real estate on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Tropical

• One point of contact throughout the entire process without further intermediaries

• Access to the largest new build offer in the Costa del Sol/Costa Tropical

• Intensive guidance in your own language, from your first search on the internet

• Efficiently mapped out viewings, taking into account your wishes

• Administrative processing from A to Z, because correct paperwork is a top priority for us

• Comprehensive after-sales service is our highest goal! It only really starts when the deed of sale is signed


This is only a limited selection of what we have to offer you in new-build. Also for other properties for sale on the Costa del Sol and Andalucia we are your partner! Contact us for a more extensive selection tailored to your needs.